June 30

Hertzelia, IL

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Address: 60 Ramot Yam, Herzliya 46851, Israel, Telephone: 09-9520808

For reservation: contact Shiri Ohana [email protected]

Room rates for PMWC guests, per night including breakfast:
  • Room for one $216
  • Room for two $240
  • Room for three $330
  • Deluxe rooms additional $30

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Delegates participating in the Conference are responsible for arranging their own travel/hotel accommodations. Israel is best reached via Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel-Aviv. A number of international carriers, including El-Al, AIR Canada, Delta, KLM, Continental, British Airways and Air France, provide service to Israel. Recommended travel agents: Udi Gordon, [email protected] or Kfir Nahum [email protected]

More useful information: It’s recommended to bring an electronic adapter plug 220V for electronics (this can be purchased online or at an electronics store)

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